Start the year with Sukhasana. Build strength from a ‘good space’.

To set the tone for this blog and fittingly, being the beginning of the year 2017, I’m suggesting the idea of Sukha, a word I discovered while doing Yoga with Adriene – Day 1 of Revolution. Adriene has been a wise and fun teacher for me whilst doing yoga in the comfort of my own home, without having to step outside of the house and the benefits are fantastic. I’m diverging here, but she really is great! She got me curious about this word… Sukha, the root word, for Sukhasana – the easy pose and it means happiness, pleasure, ease, or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali and Adriene eluded to the idea it is to come from a ‘good space’.

In this practice, it got me thinking that if we start off with building a strong foundation of being kind to ourselves and to come from a good space, we are prepared for whatever may come. It made me think that successful people prepared for their success, they didn’t just let things happen. They may have failed or been disappointed but they got up and did it differently until they got it. They did things with intention, and learned how to do or get the things they wanted. They also did it with heart, coming from this ‘good space’. Strength doesn’t necessarily mean to be forceful, controlling, or rigid and it can come from a strong foundation that you build, nurture and prepare for opportunities to grow.

So what do I want for 2017, what is my Sukha you may ask? I decided that it was finding my flow, my rhythm, and living my purpose with ease, with strength, and to make steps for success. There were too many years where I idly waited for things to happen. I went wherever the wind took me. This year, I want a year lived with intention, awareness and to come from a good space from my heart. I want to help and connect people who care about their health, their community, the environment and want to make a difference. But it does mean, I will need to be prepared for it, for the opportunities to grow and experience every moment of it by doing it with Sukha.

So what is your Sukha? What will give you the reason to wake up with enthusiasm everyday this year?